Substance Abuse Evaluation

Substance Abuse Evaluation For Treatment

Substance Abuse Evaluation - Icon of Head and Pills

For many individuals struggling with abuse of drugs or alcohol, it is unclear how serious the problem may be. That is why it’s important to receive a substance abuse evaluation. Family or friend may express concern, employers or coworkers may begin to notice a difference in behavior, consequences may begin to increase or there could be very little indicators of severity. When addiction becomes a concern most are unprepared to navigate the process independently. With over twenty years in the substance abuse field, Dr. Huttman can utilize his expertise to determine the degree of the problem and if underlying or co-occurring mental health conditions are related to substance use. An evaluation begins with a thorough interview with the individual and can include family or friends if desired. If necessary formal testing can be provided to clarify the extent of one’s addiction and/or co-occurring mental health conditions.

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