Level Of Care Evaluation

Level of Care Evaluation, Consultation, Placement, and Monitoring

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When an individual begins to experience significant mental health and/or substance use difficulties often times it is unclear what must be done to address this. Due to perceived stigma there is often a lack of public information and awareness of treatment options. Websites, internet, radio, and television advertisements stand to have monetary gains from convincing an individual to admit into a program. Often the more intensive programs are discussed simply because they are the most costly and not because it is clear that the level of care is warranted. Additionally, those likely to discuss the program and determine placement are not academically trained or licensed individuals. With over twenty-five years behavioral health experience in all levels of care from outpatient through inpatient treatment for the range of mental health and substance abuse disorders, Dr. Huttman can help pinpoint the most appropriate level of care. He has not only worked within treatment centers but worked with insurance companies and Medicare to provide unbiased Suitability Assessments, which entail visiting a patient admitted to an inpatient or residential program and determining if the level of care being provided is necessary and appropriate.

Dr. Huttman’s level of care evaluation process will start with a comprehensive interview and mental status evaluation of the individual and can provide additional testing and evaluation as needed to determine the extent of difficulty. He will then discuss appropriate treatment recommendations to fit individual needs at the time. Family members or friends are welcome to provide information as consented to by the individual in need of assistance. ¬†Upon recommending a level of care for treatment he can consult as desired from placement recommendations through continued monitoring of the course of treatment if appropriate and desired.

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